TechnoVal Information Systems

TechnoVal Information Systems

TechnoVal provides technical services in the Middle East and North Africa region for various sectors, especially corporate resource management services (SAP ERP).

United Warehouse Co Ltd (UWC)

United Warehousing Company Limited (UWC) provides all kind of warehousing services. Currently, it provides 24/ 7 warehousing and value-added services associated with warehousing and can comfortably handle 400 trucks daily

Alesayi Heavy Equipment (AHE)

Heavy Equipment Branch AHE of Omar K. Alesayi & Co. LTD. sells, rents and supplies heavy equipment and provides maintenance services and spare parts. Through partnerships with leading global entities in the heavy equipment industry, it also offers customers a broad range of choices to select the equipment that best fits their needs.

Mitsubishi Electric Saudi Ltd (MELSA)

In collaboration with the OMACO Group and the Japanese Mitsubishi Electric Company (MELCO), Mitsubishi Electric Saudi Ltd. (MELSA) was founded in Saudi Arabia in 1980. The company was initially involved in the supply and installation of power generation equipment, but quickly expanded to supply, install and maintain escalators and elevators.

Motor Vehicles Periodic Inspection (MVPI)

The Motor Vehicles Periodic Inspection program was launched in 1986. Later, the program was successful in establishing a high-quality network of periodic inspection stations throughout the Kingdom.